What happens if I am terminated from work?

Termination by the employer

Employers do have to give you a minimum period of notice under the Fair Work Act. If you are a full time employee and have been at work for less than a year, 1 week notice is necessary. If you have been at work there for more than 5 years, four weeks notice is required.  […]


Superannuation News

What happens if you are very ill and are no longer able to continue with work? Many people do not realise that they may have ongoing protection via their superannuation policies.  Superannuation policies often have income protection or salary continuance for 1-2 years; and may even have an insurance component for any total and permanent […]

Important News About Your Superannuation

News about your superannuation

Insurance is a beneficial addition to a super account when it’s right for your circumstances.  A new law now requires super funds to cancel insurance inside super, once the account has been inactive for a continuous period of 16 months.  Your super fund will then cut off your death and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover.  […]

Suing for damages

Suing for car damages

Legal costs Taking a case to court can be expensive, so the likely legal costs should be considered carefully. Should a solicitor be used? It is possible to minimise costs by handling all or part of a damages claim personally. However, this is often not advisable, especially if the claim is defended. It is worthwhile […]

Slip and fall – public liability

Slip and Fall Public Liability

Here is a typical case study.  When Mrs Smith walked into her local supermarket on a rainy day, she slipped on a water soaked floor mat and fell, striking her head and injuring her right shoulder on the floor. Mrs Smith, 27, was taken by ambulance to the hospital with shoulder, neck and back pain.  […]

What if my car is damaged is a car accident and I am not insured?

Car Damaged Not Insured

When your car, or other property is damaged in a motor vehicle accident, if you are not insured, you have one or two options.  You can either: Claim payment from the other party and sue if necessary, or Pay for your own repairs If the other party in the accident is insured, then you can: […]

What Happens If You Are Made Redundant?

Made Redundant

Redundancy is a significant event in any employee’s career, often bringing a mix of uncertainty and concern. Understanding the nuances of redundancy, its causes, and your entitlements is crucial in navigating this challenging phase, and employment law experts can be vital in this process. This expanded article aims to delve into the complexities of redundancy, […]

What is a power of attorney?

Power of Attorney

A person who makes a power of attorney gives someone else legal authority to act on their behalf in financial decisions.  This is a very large responsibility and you should make sure you have complete trust in your attorney and that you are sure they are trustworthy and responsible.  You can only grant a power […]

Can I sue for damages?

Can I sue for car damages

If you have suffered a loss, such as damage to your car after an accident and you want to sue for damages, you have several options open to you. If any repair cost is small,  say under $1,000,  or if you don’t have insurance or you have a high excess, it may be worth handling […]

Protect Your Financial Rights After a Separation

Protect Your Financial Rights

Separating couples often wonder what needs to be done to formalise the division of the assets and liabilities of their relationship.  Avoiding litigation by reaching a private agreement is something that can save both parties money and further stress. There are two main methods of giving legal effect to an agreement for the division of […]