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Slip and fall – public liability

Slip and Fall Public Liability

Here is a typical case study.  When Mrs Smith walked into her local supermarket on a rainy day, she slipped on a water soaked floor mat and fell, striking her head and injuring her right shoulder on the floor. Mrs Smith, 27, was taken by ambulance to the hospital with shoulder, neck and back pain.  Her shoulder pain persisted and required two operations. At the time of the incident Mrs Smith was in the process of trying to become a police officer. As a result of the injury, Mrs Smith was unable to complete the process and now works as an administrative clerk.  Mrs Smith sued the supermarket alleging the water soaked floor mat constituted an unseen hazard on the premises and the supermarket should have replaced the mat or used warning signs to alert patrons of the hazard.  Mrs Smith received compensation for her pain & suffering, lost wages whilst off work; compensation for her loss of opportunity to become a police officer; medical expenses for the past and future and legal costs.

A simple slip and fall or trip and fall can dramatically change your life. Always seek legal advice and many firms have a policy of first consultation free.

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