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McDonnell Schroder's highly qualified conveyancing experts have been serving Schofields and Blacktown with its conveyancing and legal services for over 50 years.
Conveyancing Blacktown
Conveyancing Blacktown

Why hire a conveyancer?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property and you think you can handle the details of conveyancing yourself, you may want to rethink. Conveyancing solicitors are well versed in all aspects of the relevant laws and requirements to ensure the best result for their customers. The amount of bureaucratic red tape involved with differences in state and council law will not only give you a headache but may lead to legal woes in the future.

At McDonnell Schroder our conveyancing law experts will take all of the hassle out of your conveyance and handle all aspects of your transition; so you can rest assured that your property deal is done to the letter of the law.

Full range of conveyancing services

At McDonnell Schroder we are proud to provide our clients with a full range of conveyancing services. So whether you’re buying or selling a home and need help with a title search or you need your mortgage examined and explained by a professional conveyancing expert, you’ll find what you need at McDonnell Schroder.

McDonnell Schroder

Conveyancing with care

At McDonnell Schroder we understand that the key to our success as conveyancers comes from our high level of customer care, our customer base has grown over the 50 plus years due to our friendly and professional client care. We know that when our customers are satisfied they will refer us to their friends and families and return to us with any additional conveyancing or other legal requirements they have. If you need the best conveyancing solicitors in Blacktown and Schofields, you need the professional and caring team of conveyancing specialists at McDonnell Schroder Solicitors and Conveyancers. Give us a call today for a first consultation free of charge.

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