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The Complete Guide To Why A Lawyer Should Handle Your TPD Claims

TPD Claims

What Is TPD?

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance provides you with cover in the chance that you were to become permanently disabled as a result of an accident or an illness or have been permanently unable to work at any capacity in any occupation based on any prior education, skills, training or experience. 

TPD insurance coverage is provided to you by many superannuation funds. This benefit is in addition to the contributions that either you or your employer have made to your super fund within the period of your membership.

To be able to qualify for TPD insurance, you must show that you are permanently unable and unfit for your normal employment. In addition, dependent on the terms of your insurance coverage, your TPD claim benefit may be of notable use, meaning it may aid in easing any financial hardships that you may come face to face with during the tough times that follow a disability. With that being said, all TPD claims will need to be analysed and evaluated based on your personal circumstances in order to determine how much you are worthy of claiming. Our superannuation lawyers at McDonnell Schroder will be able to assist you in comprehending your entitlements.

Common Types Of TPD Claims And The Lawyers That Handle Them

  • Injuries Sustained Due To A Work Accident Or Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have suffered an injury at work or in a motor accident and are rendered unfit to return to work, you may be able to submit a TPD claim with your Superannuation fund. A TPD benefit is a benefit that is often built into Superannuation funds to cover a member who might become totally and permanently disabled because of injury.

  • Cancer

One of the most common causes as to why TPD claims are submitted is that of cancer. Over 33% of TPD claims are submitted due to this disease. A high percentage of individuals may have received a serious or terminal diagnosis and, in return, has contributed to it being impossible to continue working and earn income at the same capacity pre-cancer. Various ongoing effects of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can have major long-term effects. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, you are eligible to make a TPD claim. Get in touch with our superannuation lawyers at McDonnell Schroder to help fight the financial stressors so that you are able to focus on your recovery.

  • Heart Attacks & Strokes

Accounting for 15% of all TPD claims, heart problems are another common cause of the submission of TPD claims. Heart attacks are caused by a blocked artery. This can prohibit oxygen from reaching your heart, resulting in your heart muscles becoming damaged or, in some instances, can even result in death. Heart attacks can disable you to the point where you will not be able to carry out simple tasks or continue employment. On the other hand, a stroke can cause permanent disability to your arms and legs, with the chance of you even losing your ability to speak also. 

If you have a heart attack or a stroke, or any other heart disease that is prohibiting you from working, submit a TPD claim through our superannuation lawyers to receive a lump sum payment that will aid in alleviating any financial stressors.

  • Mental Illness

There is little wonder that mental illness TPD claims are common. Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression or even PTSD are common factors that result in individuals being unable to work. Anxiety can, in turn, lead to an irregular heartbeat and breathing problems which can make it hard to work or function properly. Plus, even depression can push you to a point where you are unable to simply even get out of bed or complete simple activities like getting dressed in the morning or bathing, let alone continuing to work. If you have been medically diagnosed with a mental illness, you are able to claim and be paid TPD benefits with the help of superannuation lawyers when your condition no longer permits you to continue your employment.

Here at McDonnell Schroder, our superannuation lawyers are able to allow you access to various benefits that can protect you in situations where you may be unable to return to work because of injury or illness. Superannuation lawyers are able to offer you expert advice to all NSW residents willing to submit their TPD claims in order to access their entitlements in a way where the best outcome is present. 

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