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A Guide To Personal Injury and TPD Claims

Work Injury

When you suffer an injury or develop an illness that prevents you from working in the future, it is inevitably a stressful and challenging time for you and your family. In this difficult time, it’s imperative that you gain access to the range of benefits that you’re entitled to under the superannuation fund that you are covered by. Unfortunately, every superannuation fund holds different criteria and you must fulfill each of its steps to be eligible for the benefits offered by your policy. 

While this can be particularly difficult, the expert team of superannuation lawyers at McDonnell Schroder can help you in navigating the difficult claims process and ensure you receive the full range of benefits that you are entitled to. After delivering our services to Sydney residents in situations just like your own for more than 50 years, we’ve developed significant knowledge of workers compensation NSW regulations and rulings, and we work tirelessly to ensure each of our clients attains the best possible result. 

What Are TPD Claims? 

TPD claims are a form of workers compensation NSW, being derived from the phrase total permanent disability. These claims may be lodged by an individual when they can no longer work following an injury or illness they have sustained, which may be physical or psychological. Unfortunately, the exact definition of TPD differs from one insurance policy to another, and consequently, each insurance policy requires a number of criteria to be satisfied for an individual to qualify for the relevant benefits offered by the policy. 

These claims are lodged so that people can access the financial support they are eligible for in lieu of their working salary. This may be in the form of a lump sum payment or in the form of salary continuance, typically for 1-2 years. Individual insurance policies offer policyholders different levels of coverage, and superannuation lawyers work to ensure you receive every cent that you are eligible for to support your recovery and financial stability in the future.

What Is The Process?

While it’s important to note that no two TPD claims follow exactly the same trajectory, our superannuation lawyers tend to follow a process, and we’ve outlined it here to ensure you know what to expect for your claim. 

Check Your Cover

The first step in the process is ensuring you were covered under your insurance policy at the time you last worked. This must be verified with your superannuation fund for the exact date that you last worked, as if your cover did not extend to this date, the process ends here. 

Attain and Complete Forms

Our superannuation lawyers now attain the relevant insurance claims forms from the insurer or the superannuation provider, and will help you fulfill the required information. This typically covers your regular hours and wages and will require input from your doctor and employer. 

Submit Forms

Once complete, the relevant documentation is sent to the insurer for their assessment. Often, the insurer will require additional information, such as further detail from your doctor, access to your medicare records or access to tax documents. This helps them verify the information they’ve been provided and fill any gaps that they may have. 

Complete Assessment

Once the insurer has completed their assessment, they will provide the outcome of the case. Either it will be accepted and you will receive the financial entitlements as a result of meeting the TPD definition, or the claim will be rejected and further information can be sought for a review. 

How Can Superannuation Lawyers Help?

Workers compensation NSW and TPD claims can be complex for an individual to navigate alone alongside the stress and difficulties they already face, so it’s important to reach out to reputable superannuation lawyers who can manage the process for you. Following an obligation-free first consultation, McDonnell Schroder’s expert superannuation lawyers can simplify the process you will face, help you understand the reasons behind each of the steps you must undertake, and liaise with the insurer and superannuation fund on your behalf to minimise the stress you face.

Importantly, our expert team is vastly experienced and has successfully undertaken the TPD claims process many times, and as such, we have knowledge of the information and documentation that will be required ahead of time. This can help to fast-track your case and ensure you access the benefits you’re entitled to as soon as possible. Furthermore, if your claim is unfortunately rejected, our team can lead the dispute process, as they have great knowledge of each of the regulations and can work towards achieving a positive result in the future. 

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