Top Questions to Ask Your Medical Negligence Lawyer

patient with a serious injury

Medical negligence is an unfortunate but real risk that Australians face every day when undergoing medical treatment in our clinics and hospitals, whether surgical or optional, elective or lifesaving. Most procedures are completed with precision and expertise, but in some cases, malpractice may occur where the medical professional fails to deliver a standard of care […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Vehicle Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may encounter a very stressful time. While recovering from your injury and any trauma that you have experienced should be at the top of your agenda, it’s important to remember that lodging a motor vehicle accident claim can help you access the compensation you may […]

Navigating the World of Workers Compensation: When to Seek a Negligence Lawyer in NSW

Workers Compensation NSW

The workers compensation NSW system allows for support to be provided to people who have been injured at work and may require assistance and compensation regarding their recovery and return to work. There are many intricate legalities involved with workers compensation claims and it is necessary to understand what you are entitled to, which is […]

Compensation Chaos: How a Negligence Lawyer Can Help Workers in NSW Navigate the Legal Maze

Lawyer For Negligence

Understanding the fine details related to workers compensation NSW and negligence claims can become daunting due to their intricate and complex nature making tackling these issues difficult and overwhelming for many people.  The team at McDonnell Schroder have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist with all worker’s compensation claims and enquiries, our team […]

Benefits Of Hiring McDonnell Schroder Solicitors And Conveyancers

wills and estate lawyers

There are many benefits of hiring a team of lawyers and solicitors including support and advice from a team of people who understand specific legalities, have experience in assisting clients with various needs and requirements and possess the knowledge required for your specific case whether it requires access to your super or assistance with drafting […]

A Guide To Understanding Workers Compensation NSW

workers compensation

Understanding workers compensation NSW can be difficult and tiresome as there are several legalities and specifics involved. It is important to understand what workers compensation claims may entail, and how they will benefit you. At McDonnell Schroder, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, superannuation lawyers, wills and estate lawyers […]

Have you been a victim of negligence?

Victims of negligence

This might mean you were injured – on the roads at shopping centres by professionals by faulty goods. Compensation is available. Here is a typical case study.  When Joe Brown went to his local shopping centre on a rainy day, he slipped on a water soaked floor mat and fell, fracturing his right leg. Mr […]