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Have you been a victim of negligence?

Victims of negligence

This might mean you were injured –

  • on the roads
  • at shopping centres
  • by professionals
  • by faulty goods.

Compensation is available.

Here is a typical case study.  When Joe Brown went to his local shopping centre on a rainy day, he slipped on a water soaked floor mat and fell, fracturing his right leg. Mr Brown needed three operations and when his treatment was finished, he could not continue working as a labourer. He also needed ongoing physiotherapy for more than 3 years and had no private health insurance to pay for this. Mr Brown sued the supermarket on the basis that the waterlogged mat was an unseen hazard. It was alleged that the supermarket should have replaced the mat or used warning signs to alert shoppers of the danger.  Mr Brown received compensation for treatment expenses for the past and future, his pain & suffering, his ongoing lost wages while he was injured and having to re-train for a new career and his legal costs.

Any sort of simple and unexpected injury can dramatically change your life. Always seek legal advice and remember that we have a policy of first consultation free as we think it is important to give our potential client’s an opportunity for some preliminary free advice.  We also offer a no win, no fee policy which means that unless we win your case, we do not charge you any fees.

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