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How to Maximise Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits After a Workplace Injury

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Have you ever been injured at work? Being injured at work can be an exhausting time for people affected, not only from the injury itself but the consequences of missing work, requiring medical treatment and the overall emotional impact it may have on the individual. The worker’s compensation system in NSW provides assistance and support to those who have been injured at work or are suffering a work-related illness. 

If you are experiencing a workplace-related injury or illness and you are unsure of your next steps, this is where worker’s compensation comes into play. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of worker’s compensation. 

What To Do After A Workplace Injury

As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”. This should be considered if you are dealing with a workplace injury or illness – as it is always best to report your injury and seek medical advice as soon as possible. It is important to receive medical care for your injury as soon as possible to ensure your treatment begins and you begin to recover which often leads to a higher chance of a fuller recovery.

Following on from this, after a workplace injury, one of the key first steps is to report the injury immediately. Once your employer is aware of the injury, submitting the application and receiving the required care will commence as soon as possible.

When it comes time to make an application, all of the required paperwork from your employer will be ready as you have notified them of the injury and begun to receive medical treatment. 

Understanding Workers Compensation Benefits

According to Safe Work Australia, there have been 130,195 serious worker’s compensation claims made from 2020-21. Worker’s compensation is available to those people who have been injured at work, to support them whilst they are recovering. If you are submitting a worker’s compensation claim, you may be wondering what the benefits are to a successful worker’s compensation claim as well as the odds of winning a worker’s comp case. Below are three of the most common benefits provided by worker’s compensation in NSW:

  • Weekly payments

Weekly payments will be made to assist in supporting your recovery at work and assist cover with the loss of income whilst recovering from your injury or illness. Your weekly payments will be calculated based on your income before your injury or illness and your entitlement to the payments is dependent on how long you have received the weekly payments, how often you are working and your capacity for work. 

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses

If you required a reasonably necessary ambulance, hospital, medical services or other related treatments you would be entitled to medical and rehabilitation expenses. Treatment recommendations will be made by your doctor on your certificate for capacity. 

  • Other related expenses 

In some circumstances, your property such as clothing, glasses or artificial aids may be damaged due to your workplace injury. If this is the case, you may be eligible for other related expense benefits to cover and replace these items. 

Workers Compensation Benefits

Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Workplace Injury

For your worker’s compensation claim and case to go smoothly, there are several factors to consider to ensure you do not make some of the most common mistakes people make after a workplace injury. If you are wondering what not to do while on worker’s comp, then let’s dive in. 

Unfortunately, time waits for no one. One of the most common mistakes people make is not reporting their injury straight away. Your employer needs to be notified of the workplace injury or illness as soon as possible to ensure that the required paperwork is started for worker’s compensation and that you receive the required medical treatment as quickly as possible.  

One mistake which is commonly made is not attending scheduled medical appointments or hearings concerning your worker’s compensation case. Attending your scheduled appointments shows that you are wanting assistance to recover from your work-related injury or illness. It will also assist in ensuring your case and appointments run smoothly from the start to the finish.

Seeking Legal Help

Are you unsure whether seeking legal help for your case is worthwhile? Seeking legal help can often heighten the likelihood of a successful worker’s compensation case, and results and maximise your overall benefits. One of the major benefits of seeking legal assistance is that a worker’s compensation lawyer will know how to deal directly with an insurance company in order to provide you with the best outcome possible. 

Suppose you are looking to maximise your benefits through payments and medical assistance. In that case, your best option may be to consult with a lawyer to ensure you have all of the required paperwork and information necessary to submit your application. 

Maximising Benefits and Getting Back to Work 

When you begin your return to work, according to the NSW Government your employer must provide reasonable work adjustments in line with your recovery to ensure you are supported at work. Some of the available suitable work options may include working your original role at reduced hours, taking on parts of your original role, completing your duties at a different site, completing different duties or a variation of these available options. 

Worker’s Compensation in NSW

Navigating the world of worker’s compensation can be overwhelming and draining on top of dealing with your workplace-related injury or illness, although it is important to remember every cloud has a silver lining. This is why the team of worker’s compensation lawyers at McDonnell Schroder are here to help, by reviewing your worker’s compensation case and working with a team of paralegals and associates to achieve the best outcome possible. 

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