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McDonnell Schroder Solicitors and Compensation Lawyers are domestic violence law experts, offering advice and service on domestic abuse laws for over 50 years
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Domestic Violence Lawyers Blactown
Domestic Violence Lawyers Blacktown

The best domestic abuse law services

At McDonnell Schroder we approach every domestic violence case individually; customising and personalising your service in what can be a troubling time. We understand that during these turbulent times you want not just the best domestic violence legal advice but also the best in personal care and compassion.

The team at McDonnell Schroder understand the importance of giving our customers a superior level of compassionate care during a time of great upheaval in their lives.

The best domestic abuse law venue

At McDonnell Schroder our offices are designed for mediation and arbitration with a large conference room and individual interview rooms. Our facilities are designed to make our clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the proceedings of their domestic abuse case.

While mediation and arbitration may not be possible for all cases, we believe that giving you options is key to getting the best result for our customers.

Domestic Violence Law
Domestic Violence Law

A range of additional family law services

On top of our superior, compassionate and expedient domestic violence family law service McDonnell Schroder also offers our valued customers a range of additional family law and other legal services.

Our family law services include; property disputes, de facto relationships, child custody and access arrangements, child support, parentage disputes, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and more.

McDonnell Schroder also specialise in a range of additional legal fields including conveyancing and criminal law matters, and may more.

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