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Security for Children and Separating Parents

Security for children and separating parents

When a relationship breaks down, children can be caught in the cross-fire.  But there is much that parents can do to protect and support their children after separation.

Not all separations are amicable, but a civil approach can sometimes work. Both parties can work out a written parenting plan, covering important things like where the child will live and what times will be spent with the other parent.

However, a parenting plan will only last while both parties voluntarily abide by it.  A change in the attitude of one parent, or the influence of family, friends or future partners, could cause a parenting plan made with the best intentions to break down over time.

For this reason, it is often advisable for parties to properly formalise a parenting plan by way of Consent Orders.  Consent Orders can be lodged with a Court without having to attend.  Once the Orders are made, they will usually be able to stay in place until the children reach adulthood.  If the parents later agree to change the arrangements in the Orders, this can be done informally.  But the Orders will remain in place as a ‘default’ position which can be securely reverted to if there is any future disagreement.

Parenting Consent Orders provide both certainty and flexibility for parents and children.  Because a solicitor can tailor-make Consent Orders to fit the needs of the individual family involved, they can reduce future conflict, and provide peace of mind when a separating family needs them most.

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