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Free Domestic Assistance for Injured Workers

Free Domestic Assistance fro Injured Workers

Many injured workers are unaware that they may be entitled to domestic assistance provided free by their workers compensation insurer.

This domestic assistance may be physical assistance such as cleaning the home, mowing the grass or many other forms of help.  This depends on the worker’s injuries.

If the worker has been certified with at least 15% whole person impairment, there is no limit of the length of time that domestic assistance can be provided. Although if assistance is required long term, a review of the injured worker’s circumstances might be conducted.

If your whole person impairment is less than 15%, or hasn’t been determined yet, then a maximum of 6 hours free domestic assistance per week can be provided over a period of 3 months.

If your workers compensation insurer refuses to pay for the domestic assistance you need, an application can be made to the Workers Compensation Commission.  There are no legal fees paid by the worker seeking domestic assistance which has been refused by the insurer as the lawyer can apply for legal aid for your claim through ILARS/WIRO.

A worker’s injuries affect not only his or her ability to work, but also create a stress on the whole family when a person cannot perform their normal household duties such as cleaning, gardening or shopping.

If this situation arises, the injured worker should contact a solicitor who specializes in workers compensation matters to fully ascertain their legal rights to domestic assistance.

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