What is unlawful discrimination?

What is unlawful discrimination

Discrimination, in the legal sense, means treating someone unfairly because they happen to belong to a particular group – because, for example, the person is female or comes from a particular ethnic group or has a disability. Discrimination is often the result of prejudice or negative stereotyping based on ignorance, fear, or simple naivety. Unfair […]

What if you have to make a Complaint to the Ombudsman?

Complaint to ombudsman

Who can complain? Any member of the public (or their representative, such as an MP or welfare officer, a family member, or your solicitor or accountant) can make a complaint to the Ombudsman, as can companies, organisations and associations What should be in a written complaint? A written complaint should include details of the complaint […]

Have you been a victim of negligence?

Victims of negligence

This might mean you were injured – on the roads at shopping centres by professionals by faulty goods. Compensation is available. Here is a typical case study.  When Joe Brown went to his local shopping centre on a rainy day, he slipped on a water soaked floor mat and fell, fracturing his right leg. Mr […]

Can You Claim Travel Expenses When You Have Been Injured?

travel expenses

Many people injured in accidents are unaware that they may be entitled to reimbursement of their travel expenses for medical appointments. These travel expenses including petrol for travel as well as parking and tolls.  These travel costs can be expensive when you have multiple appointments with doctors.  This is particularly true when you are injured […]

What happens if I am terminated from work?

Termination by the employer

Employers do have to give you a minimum period of notice under the Fair Work Act. If you are a full time employee and have been at work for less than a year, 1 week notice is necessary. If you have been at work there for more than 5 years, four weeks notice is required.  […]



Every profession has its own language or “jargon” peculiar to its own profession. Every few issues, we will provide a list of common words and phrases unique to the legal profession and their meanings for your understanding. Here are a few legal phrases and their every-day explanation If you come across any that confuse you, […]



Types of termination of employment It may be difficult for the parties in an employment relationship to say exactly how the employment relationship was terminated. This can be even more challenging for a court or tribunal to determine. Where an employee resigns, there may be issues of constructive dismissal (i.e. that the employee was forced […]


Superannuation News

What happens if you are very ill and are no longer able to continue with work? Many people do not realise that they may have ongoing protection via their superannuation policies.  Superannuation policies often have income protection or salary continuance for 1-2 years; and may even have an insurance component for any total and permanent […]

Important News About Your Superannuation

News about your superannuation

Insurance is a beneficial addition to a super account when it’s right for your circumstances.  A new law now requires super funds to cancel insurance inside super, once the account has been inactive for a continuous period of 16 months.  Your super fund will then cut off your death and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover.  […]

Suing for damages

Suing for car damages

Legal costs Taking a case to court can be expensive, so the likely legal costs should be considered carefully. Should a solicitor be used? It is possible to minimise costs by handling all or part of a damages claim personally. However, this is often not advisable, especially if the claim is defended. It is worthwhile […]