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Appearing in court

appearing in court

Attending court for a criminal offence can be a scary experience especially if you have no idea what to expect.

If a person has been given a court attendance notice, they must normally appear in court on the date set out in the notice.

When to arrive at court –

Many courts now call through all cases before a magistrate or registrar, at 9:30am, to deal with minor matters, adjournment applications and other similar cases. Even if the court notice explicitly indicates a time of 10 am, it is best to arrive early in any case.  It may sound trivial, but attending court on time is imperative.  If you are not at court when your matter is called on then a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you may be charged with an offence by not appearing.  To ensure that you are at court on time, you must know which court you are due to appear in, make arrangements for transport (often there is limited car parking at court houses) and aim to arrive early. Check-in when you arrive as it may save time and sitting around the Court all day.

You should dress tidily to show respect to the court.  Wear enclosed shoes and conservative clothes.  Avoid wearing casual clothes or dirty work clothes, if possible.

And importantly, try to make arrangements for legal representation and/or advice before you attend court.

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